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public administration

Our services
range from consultancy to inspection, land monitoring and mapping services. Our technical equipment has been enriched in recent times also by underwater drones.

Fight to illegal
The control of the territory with new technologies such as drones, is a reality that will bring every municipal administration to know the situation in its territory at all times.
The goal is to prevent abuse from occurring, not to fight it after it has been committed.
Another sector is the illegal discharges on our coasts. With marine drones equipped not only with high resolution cameras but also with sonar, the control under the surface of the water can be speeded up, but above all with a significant reduction in costs.

Inspection and Infrastructure
Through our air vehicles equipped with high resolution cameras or thermal sensors we are able to inspect the structures and carry out monitoring, helping you to improve maintenance times, reducing costs and improving safety.
The industrial and civil sectors are particularly attentive to safety and costs, obtaining benefits from the professional use of drones.

We operate in inspections by APR power lines and industrial chimneys, bridges and railway lines, as well as on wind and photovoltaic plants. We can assist your technicians with a HD video broadcast for simultaneous inspections or videos and photos at the highest detail.

So the main advantages in the use of photogrammetry with drone are:
1 Accuracy: In surveying with drone, it is possible to identify characteristics of the area difficult to perceive

2 Accessibility: The drone gives the possibility of making measurements in otherwise inaccessible areas;
3 Speed: Any operation of photogrammetry through drone counts decidedly shorter times compared to traditional techniques;

4 Data accuracy: The data acquired through aerial photogrammetric surveys with drone enjoy centimeter accuracy;

5 Low Costs: it is not only affordable but it has a good quality-price ratio, even more so considering the high performance that is capable of providing.

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